Ongoing Support

Reoccurring Donations

Yes, we relish each and every gift, but when the rubber hits the road, what we need most desperately is cold, hard cash to keep functioning as we ought. It’s the commitment of our monthly/quarterly/annual donors who truly make possible the wonderful things that Freedom House does. 

Put in simple dollars and cents language, right now, it takes $87 every hour we exist to care for the people in house. That means $2,079 each and every day, $14,594 every week, $63,243  each and every month and $758,912 each year. And that’s just doing what we’re doing now, not to mention what more we feel compelled to do to meet the need in our community. 

Will you take up the challenge and cover one hour, one day, one week or one month on a continuing basis? You CAN INVEST in the lives of these troubled families and make a difference. By becoming one of our “friends,” your ongoing contribution to Freedom House helps sustain our life-changing programming and services – help us end homelessness in Brown County once and for all. Come be a part of our legacy.

That $87 means:

  • Someone who didn’t eat yesterday is eating today
  • A mother who bundled her children in a car or out on the streets yesterday can tuck them into a warm, safe bed tonight
  • A father is learning what it means to be strong and compassionate and how to raise his kids so they don’t face the same hardships he did
  • A child who couldn’t concentrate in school because he didn’t know where he would wind up that night can now focus on learning, hope and a future
  • Couples are learning that a strong marriage is the foundation for a strong family
  • Families – adults and kids both – are learning the responsibilities of budgeting, finances, doing your best and seeking to better your future through education and job training
  • People – adults and kids alike are learning for the first time they are NOT hopeless, that they can, indeed dream, and those dreams are attainable!
  • Families at the end of their ropes are hearing the hope that is found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ

EFCA Financial Accountability

ECFAAs evidence of our accountability owed to God and you for the prudent stewardship of your gifts, Freedom House has earned the right to display the ECFA Financial Accountability Seal.  This seal is our pledge that your gifts are used as you planned. 

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