"Upon moving into The Bridge, we were broken, depressed, had no hope, and were fearful for our safety at times. The Bridge provided a transition for me and my children from Golden House. Without the resources provided by The Bridge, I likely would have returned to my abuser. The Bridge gave me the opportunity to heal and grow more independent and free. I learned how it feels to live an abuse free life and I found my voice again. "


"Freedom House changed our lives. When we first came to Freedom House I was scared and going through a divorce. While staying at Freedom House, God sent amazing people to encourage and help us. I thank God everyday for those people."


"Freedom House helped my son and I with clothes, shoes, toys, hygiene, furniture and the list goes on. Every day there was always meals prepared - breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack. Everything about Freedom House helped put much needed structure in mine and my son's life. "


"Living at Freedom House has made me a different person. They encourage you, and have faith in you. You learn to grow with them, and also learn about leadership. They push you to become a better parent and person. Freedom House isn’t just a shelter, it’s a home full of happiness. "


"The Freedom House Ministries provided me and my family with the things we needed and parenting and budgeting classes to help me re-adjust to living on my own again. Those things made me feel good about myself and starting over. "


"Being in the Freedom House made me have hope for the future and giving my kids a better life. They helped me to understand the meaning of having faith in God and that I can make it on my own."