Good News Water

Good News Water is a pure social business with a focus of fulfilling basic human needs. Being a social business, profits are invested not in rewarding shareholders or investors, but tackling social issues in our community, specifically poverty among youth in our community.

Referred to as “water with a purpose,” Good News Water is a simple way for the community to make a difference. Buying this water over a different beverage is an easy way for community members to give back, how refreshing is that? 100% of the profit from the sale of Good News Water will be used to remove the barriers homeless students face by providing the most basic of items such as food and health/hygiene products to school supplies and clothing as well as resources for college and career readiness.

Good News Water offers a refreshing taste you will notice and crave combined with a very high natural pH factor of 7.8. The company’s goal is to share the Good News through bottles of pure Wisconsin spring water while bringing glory to God. Each week a new faith-focused quote will enter the local market. 

Click below to find out where you can buy the water and how you can become a business supplier of the water as well: