Freedom House Graduates

“The only true time of peace I had was when I was staying at Freedom House. I have very fond memories from my time there, but not as many as my boys do. The help you guys give is PRICELESS. There is no other place like Freedom House.”

–Patricia, Freedom House Graduate

“We consider Freedom House a family. The directors are the parents. They make the decisions and provide all the necessities that are needed. The staff are the aunts and uncles that keep order and help with whatever they can. The residents are our brothers and sisters who we can lean on when we need strength. We are the children seeking the direction and support we need to start our life on our own.”

–Derrick and Mary, Freedom House Graduates

“As a family, we left Freedom House a better and stronger unit than we ever had been before. We thank them for helping us find the connections and support that we so desperately needed.”

–Jess Bartels, Freedom House Graduate

“At first I was scared, but I told myself I just needed to get a few things done and I could be gone. But eventually, I became part of the family there. I realized that it was more than a place to sleep. Freedom House gave my family the chance we needed. It helped me provide better opportunities to my young kids, too.”

–April, Freedom House Graduate (today a Certified Nurse’s Assistant working with Cerebral Palsy patients)

“God is really starting to work in my life … I really believe Freedom House had a hand in saving my life.”

–Tim Dupius, Freedom House Graduate

“Thank God for Freedom House. It saved my life.”

–Shamika Murrell

“Freedom House equipped us with the tools we needed to get where we are. I will never forget and always appreciate my friends there. And even though I didn’t get the ordinary teenage life, I know I have an extraordinary future to look forward to. Thank you all for helping make that possible for me.”

–Ivan, 17-year-old Freedom House graduate

“I gave up everything I ever owned just so I could make sure my boys, Codie and Dakota, had a safe place to stay and a roof over their heads. One bad thing after another went wrong and we found ourselves at Freedom House. The thing that I fell in love with was that no matter what was going on, even though we all arrived here for different reasons, we all have a bond whether it be with another resident, staff, management, maintenance, volunteer – we all worked together and I consider everyone at Freedom House family to me. You have changed my life and my children’s lives and I just want to thank you for that. God bless you all.”

 –Brian, Freedom House Graduate