Community Leaders

“When you grow up homeless, moving from one shelter to another, you focus on different things than most kids – like where is my next meal coming from? Will I have a bed tonight? Can I stay in this school all year?  …. dreaming about what I might do when I grow up never entered the picture  … that is until a shelter like Freedom House with caring staff and volunteers came into my life. I support Freedom House because they keep families together and teach them the skills they need to become self-sufficient, vibrant members of our communities. Bottom line, they restore hope and make dreams like mine possible. Whenever you have a homeless shelter that brings in families – they’re a blessing in my eyes. They want to help the adults get on their feet, but they make sure they take great care of the kids. I’m honored that my family and I are in a position to be able to help Freedom House, to help fight homelessness and give kids better lives. Freedom House is an awesome place. Installing Christ into the kids, into the families … it’s really the only answer.”

 –James Jones, Green Bay Packers Wide Receiver

 “Freedom House Ministries is not just another homeless shelter. They are an exemplary organization with exemplary staff. They are willing to do everything in their power to ensure children have a safe place to stay whenever possible. Through their nonjudgmental and positive attitudes they create an environment filled with promise and hope for the children and parents residing at Freedom House. They have a way of making each and every person they come into contact with feel important and valued. Families continually report to me they would have been truly lost without not only having the physical shelter offered to them by Freedom House, but more importantly the emotional support and guidance provided.”

–Alison Granquist, Principal,
Jefferson Elementary School
and former McKinney-Vento Homeless
and At-Risk Program Coordinator,
Green Bay Area Public Schools

“You don’t just house people until they find a place to live. You change lives.”

–Pat Aziere, Preble High School Teacher

“Freedom House provides hope when it is most needed and prepares those they serve for the challenges they will face over the rest of their lives. Families with children is the fastest growing segment of the homeless population, and Freedom House is the Green Bay community’s largest and most experienced service provider in caring for this population and families in crisis. Freedom House serves this need with excellence and is critical to breaking the generational cycle of poverty that homeless children would otherwise surely face.”

–Green Bay Mayor James Schmitt

“This project represents one of the most dynamic partnerships our Habitat affiliate has ever been involved in,” said Jeff Johnson, Habitat for Humanity Executive Director.”The Mawae family has been totally engaged in every step of the process, and we feel privileged to support the work of Freedom House by helping to move the family from transitional housing into their Habitat home. We look forward to helping more families move up the housing continuum in the future.” 

–Jeff Johnson, Green Bay Habitat for Humanity Executive Director

“All we can do is keep fighting.  Keep helping.  Keep doing all we can to make sure that these children are going to be fine. It’s not necessarily going to take people with lots of money.  It’s going to take people with big hearts to stop this and change this, and really want to make a difference.”

–James Jones, Green Bay Packers Wide Receiver