Freedom House Statistics

Since 1992, Freedom House has provided support and services to nearly 1,300 families and over 2,500 children; and increased its outreach from 30 families per year to nearly 100 annually. In 2012, we served 54 families, including 137 children. We also served 21 “graduate” families, including 72 children in our Aftercare Program and 16 women, 53 children in our Time to Love group, for a total of 91 families with 262 children served that year. Annually, we serve 75-100 families and only 8% return to homelessness.

  • 87% are single parents.
  • 87% of the adults in our families served are female, 13% male.
  • 13% families have two heads of household (Mom & Dad).
  • Ethnicity of participants are: 15% American Indian; 40% Caucasian; 34% African American; 1411% Other; 14% of all ethnic categories list Hispanic/Latino background.
  • Of Freedom House program participants, 34% move into permanent housing, 25.7% move into transitional housing, 24.7% move in with family or friends, and 14.6% exit the program before graduation, including those choosing to go back in the streets. 
  • The average family at Freedom House moves from homelessness to permanent housing within 8-12 weeks with only an 8% recidivism rate. Most transitional programs last up to 2 years and don’t come close to comparing with our 92% success rate.