Homeless Myths

Many people are misinformed about the homeless – what caused their homelessness, what they’re doing – or not doing – to alleviate that situation and what the effect is on the rest of society. We offer the following facts as “myth busters:”

Myth 1: Many people believe the homeless are lazy, do-nothing sponges living off taxpayers’ hard earned dollars.

Myth 2: Shelters like Freedom House only enable the deadbeats to keep “taking, taking, taking …”

Myth 3: I work hard for my family – we’d never wind up homeless.

Myth 4: It’s only the minority populations that are homeless.

Myth 5: People who wind up in a homeless shelter have “screwed up” and need someone to take care of them until they can scrape enough money together to get them back on their feet.

Myth 6: Green Bay isn’t New York City or even Chicago – homelessness isn’t really an issue here.