Marion House to Close, Assets to Transfer to Freedom House

For Immediate Release: June 8, 2014 – On Friday, May 30, Freedom House signed a Letter of Agreement to receive the assets of Marion House ministries in Green Bay, effective June 30, 2014. Marion House, a group home and transitional apartment living for single teenage Moms, will be closing its doors as of June 30, 2014.

” We’ve seen a decline in the need for our services over the past few years,” said Ann Weiss, Marion House Board of Directors. “Quite simply, the preferred model for helping pregnant teenagers has moved from group homes to relative homes and foster care. That diminishing need, combined with the loss of our federal funding for the transitional living apartments and a desire to ensure the facilities are put to the best possible use is what led the Board of Directors to decide to shut Marion House doors. It was a difficult but necessary decision.” Marion House was the last remaining group home for teenage mothers in Wisconsin.

“We are sad to see a valued ministry partner leave Brown County,” said Robyn Davis, President of Freedom House. “And we are humbled and honored to be chosen to receive Marion House assets. Be assured they will be used to help homeless families with children overcome their challenges.”

According to Federal law, 501(c)(3) charities are required to transfer any remaining assets to another 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization upon dissolution. In Marion House’s case, their assets include the 8-unit transitional apartment building, the group home and an undetermined amount of cash. Marion House chose Freedom House as the recipient of their assets because the two organizations have a common ministry: serving homeless families with children.

“We had no doubt that Freedom House would do the best job with the assets we had,” Weiss said.

“This gift is an answer to our prayers for transitional housing,” Davis said. “Transitional housing is a pivotal need for the families we serve. It’s a huge limiting factor that prevents us from serving more families and paring down our waiting list that has soared into the upper 80s the last couple years.”

Freedom House has no plans to open another shelter as a result of the asset transfer. Going forward, the homeless shelter will utilize the transitional apartments immediately as it determines the best way to utilize the group home in a manner consistent with its mission. Under consideration is organizing a child care facility, or using the facility as a location for Outreach Workshops, one way the shelter reaches out to families on its waiting list to help them as much as possible while they wait for space in the shelter.

Freedom House was started in 1992 by a handful of Green Bay churches to address the growing issue of homelessness. Its vision is to provide programs that cause families to be successful in all areas of their lives – spiritually, emotionally, socially, physically, financially and intellectually. Its program involves a step-by-step action plan individualized for each family aimed at obtaining permanent housing and employment, and restoring the family unit. The result is a positive and beneficial environment that encourages families to live more productive, healthy and fulfilling lives. Since its inception, Freedom House has served nearly 1,200 families and more than 2,400 children in the Northeastern Wisconsin area. Currently 12 families are in house with 15 adults and 27 children. Another 44 Brown County families are on a waiting list, with 46 adults and 86 children. More information is available at