4 Corners 4 Freedom House

Four Corners for Freedom House Motorcycle Run


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, August 21, 2013, Green Bay, Wis. – Two Green Bay motorcycle enthusiasts plan to hit all four corners of the United States over 14 days to both meet a man vs. machine challenge and raise funds for homeless families with children. Ben Buehler, Dykesville, and Kevin Platkowski, Green Bay, will leave town on September 7, 2013 from Julie’s Cafe  (2130 Velp Avenue) on board their BMW long distance cycles. They need to ride to Blaine, WA; San Ysidro, CA; Key West, FL and  Madawaska, ME within 14 days to meet the Four Corners challenge from the SCMA. The ride will include 12 time zone changes and cover 10,480 miles, 28 states and three Canadian provinces as they make their way back to Green Bay after hitting the final corner of the lower 48. Each day’s ride will end at sunset, whenever that falls. The two call it the Four Corners for Freedom House and are asking people to sponsor each mile of their trip, 10,000 in all. All donations will benefit Freedom House, Brown County’s only shelter serving all types of homeless families with children.

“We have only three goals with this trip,” Platkowski said, “Stay safe, have fun and raise awareness and funds for Freedom House. We’re asking folks to donate one-cent per mile, but any amount will do,” he laughed.

Although he’s never been away from the office for more than 3 days in a row, Buehler is only moderately worried about being gone 2 solid weeks. “I’ll be connected electronically,” he said. “And if there’s one thing I’ve learned, you can’t out give God. I owe my success to His provision and I am honored to do what I can to help families in need.”

“I know we’ve said it so many times before, but Freedom House simply couldn’t exist without the support of the surrounding community,” said Robyn Davis, Freedom House President. “And doing things like this – including Freedom House and our homeless families in a cross country motorcycle trip, is what makes it all work, not just the financial support  but knowing the community is thinking about us and including us in their everyday activities. I can’t begin to explain how precious this is … and how much fun we’ll have following the ride!”

Ben Buehler has been riding motorcycles since he was 18 years old. Now living in Dyckesville, he owns and operates Accurate Auto Glass of America, a company he founded after the auto glass company he worked for over 15 years (Diamond Auto Glass) went out of business. That was back in 2008 and the entrepreneur with a huge heart has never looked back.

Kevin Platkowski is a motorcycle veteran, having received his motorcycle temps before getting his automobile temps at the age of 15. “It drove my driver’s ed teacher nuts to see me drive up on my cycle to classes,” Platkowski laughed. As past president of the BMW Tour Club of Green Bay, he’s also well versed in the challenges and rewards of long distance touring, going on a several thousand miles trip every year for the past 5 years. His first ride qualified Platkowski for his IBA (Iron Butt Association) plate, and involved a one day 1,064-mile ride from Vermont to Green Bay. His favorite so far was this past June when he finally convinced his wife, Samantha, and 11-year old daughter, Hannah, to ride with him to North Carolina. “Hannah rode side car,” he explained, “And her smile was so big it would light up the night.”From the simple beginnings of fixing automobile glass for a few acquaintances out of the back of his truck, to the over 8,000 windshields his company annually replaces nationwide,  Buehler has learned to give back whenever and wherever he can. An avid supporter of Another Hope Children’s Ministries in Uganda,  it was a natural fit for him to join forces with Kevin Platkowski and marry their joint love of long distance rides with fundraising for homeless families with children here at home. The two motorcycle enthusiasts met two years ago in the BMW Tour Club of Green Bay and realized their common interests, values and passions were all that was necessary to engage the community on behalf of homeless families with children.

Platkowski’s daughter has Down syndrome, which motivated him to become an active community member, understanding first hand that her success depended on his advocacy and involvement. It’s a passion he now brings to homeless families with children, wanting to assist wherever he can. This year’s ride, his “last,” he currently claims, is meant to challenge him and Ben to do more than either of them thought possible alone. It’s a character trait he learned during an 8-year stint in the Army during the Gulf War, and one he brings to his current position with Aurora Bay Care. His biggest concern about the trip is boredom – honestly!

The route the two plan to take can be accessed at http://www.freedomhouseministries.org/four-corners/the-route.htm   A copy of the route is also attached to this news release. Both riders will be available during the ride for live interviews and Ben will be equipped with a helmet cam. The pair can also be tracked live through Spot and both will be blogging throughout the ride.

Platkowski is past president of the Lincoln Elementary School PTO, past president and current secretary of the Green Bay West Lion’s Club, agency manager for Green Bay Area Youth, Special Olympics and coach for bocche ball, bowling, basketball, track & field and Miracle League Baseball. Buehler owns and operates Accurate Auto Glass of America, a $2 million auto glass replacement company headquartered in Green Bay but operating across the USA.

Freedom House was started in 1992 by a handful of Green Bay churches to address the growing issue of homelessness. Its vision is to provide programs that cause families to be successful in all areas of their lives – spiritually, emotionally, socially, physically, financially and intellectually. Since its inception, Freedom House has served over 1,200 families and 2,500 children in the Northeastern Wisconsin area. Currently 9 families are in house with 10 adults and 31 children. Another 91 families are on an in-town waiting list (97 adults; 225 children).


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4 Corners 4 Freedom House Riders:

Ben Buehler, 920-973-1613, ben@priceyourglass.com

Kevin Platkowski, 920-217-4998, 1985k100rs@gmail.com

Freedom House:  Robyn Davis, President; 920-432-4646 (office); 920-227-8310 (cell); Robyndavis@freeedomhouseministries.org; www.freedomhouseministries.org

Deckert Strategic Communications: Mary Deckert, PR Consultant, 920-494-9370 (office);

920-265-2563 (cell); mtushie@aol.com


The 4-Corners Route

10,480 miles, 14 days, 12 time zone changes, 28 states and 3 Canadian provinces— we’re traveling from Green Bay, WI to Blaine, WA, to San Ysidro, CA, to Key West, FL to Madawaska, ME, back to Green Bay, WI via Canada.


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                        Distance           Instruction


6:00 AM             0.0 mi 1            Depart Green Bay to South Dakota via Hwy 41 S, Hwy 21 W, I-94 W, I-90 & Hwy 218

12:14 PM           200.5                Entering Minnesota

4:13 PM             476.7                Entering South Dakota

7:30 PM           843.8 mi          End of day



6:00 AM             843.8 mi            South Dakota to Washington via I-90, SD-37 S / I-90-BL S, US-85 N & US-212, US-212 I-90 [US-212],  US-87, & I-15

2:25 PM             906.6                Entering Wyoming          

2:43 PM             927.1                Entering Montana

5:31 PM                         1601.9 mi          Entering Idaho

6:35 PM                         1675.5 mi          Entering Washington

7:30 PM           1716.2 mi        End of day



6:00 AM             1716.2 mi          Washington to  First Corner, NW In Blaine, WA via I-90, US 155, US 97,  US 2, Hwy 20, 543, 230 & I-5

1:07 PM          2078.7 mi 6     At Blaine

7:30 PM           2334.6 mi        End of day



6:00 AM             2334.6 mi          Washington to California via I-5, Hwy 20, US 101 & Pacific Coast Highway

8:37 AM             2465.8 mi          Entering Oregon

3:50 PM             2812.6 mi          Entering California

7:30 PM           3025.5 mi        End of day





6:00 AM             3025.5 mi          California south, via US-101 [Redwood Hwy], CA-253 CA-128 , CA-1, I-580 & I-5

7:30 PM           3806.4 mi        End of day



6:00 AM             3806.4 mi          California south to 2nd corner SW Ysidro, CA, and Texas via    I-5, I-210, CA-57, CA-71, CA-91 I-15, CA-79, CA-371, CA-111 &     I-10

8:12 AM             3950.3 mi          Entering Arizona

2:13 PM             4342.6 mi          Entering New Mexico

4:46 PM             4506.9 mi          Entering Texas

7:30 PM           4678.5 mi        End of day



6:00 AM          4678.5 mi        Texas to Louisiana via I-10 [US-80],  TX-1604-LOOP, & I-12

4:45 PM             5382.9 mi          Entering Louisiana

7:30 PM           5553.1 mi        End of day



6:00 AM          5553.1 mi        Louisiana to Florida via  I-12[West Florida Republic Pkwy]    I-10, SR-12, CR-274, SR-267, & US-19

 7:08 AM            5634.0 mi          Entering Mississippi

8:14 AM             5711.2 mi          Entering Alabama

9:25 AM             5777.6 mi          Entering Florida

7:30 PM           6369.0 mi        End of day



6:00 AM             6369.0 mi          Florida south to 3rd corner SE, Key West; via US-19 [US-27] , US 98, SR-589, SR-60, I-275,  I-75 [Sr-93], US-41, SR-821, US-1 [S Dixie Hwy]; then north, via US-1, SR 821 & I-75

10:52 AM           6655.1 mi 27     At Key West

7:30 PM           7175.3 mi        End of day


DAY 10

6:00 AM             175.3 mi            Florida to North Carolina via I-75, I-475, I-675, I-85, US-23,  US-441, Blue Ridge Pkwy, NC-191, NC-146,  US-25 , NC-226, US-221, NC-163, NC-16

6:48 AM             7233.1 mi          Entering Georgia

12:31 PM           7585.8 mi          Entering North Carolina

1:12 PM             7625.8 mi          Great Smoky MTS National Park

7:30 PM           7877.6 mi        End of day


DAY 11

6:00 AM             7877.6 mi          North Carolina to New Jersey via Blue Ridge Pkwy VA-24, VA-43, US-250,  VA-810, US-340, VA-55, VA-79 &  I-66, I-495, I-95, US-40 [New Jersey Tpke];

6:20 AM             7895.0 mi          Entering Virginia

2:18 PM             8203.6 mi          Shenandoah National Park

5:18 PM                         8333.2 mi          Entering Maryland

6:46 PM                         8431.5 mi          Entering Delaware

7:17 PM                         8447.8 mi          Entering New Jersey

7:30 PM           8461.8 mi        End of day





DAY 12

6:00 AM          8461.8 mi        New Jersey to Maine & 4th corner, NE Madawaska, ME and Canada via I-295, I-95, TC-2 & US 1, I-91, I-84, US-5, CT-15 & Trans Canadian Highway

7:35 AM             8571.6 mi          Entering New York

8:00 AM             8595.0 mi          Entering Connecticut

10:04 AM           8714.6 mi          Entering Massachusetts

11:31 AM           8815.3 mi          Entering New Hampshire

11:45 AM           8831.5 mi          Entering Maine

4:29 PM             9129.2 mi          Entering New Brunswick

6:07 PM             9244.0 mi          At Madawaska, 4-corner challenge met!!

Lac-Baker / Edmundston Centre / Madawaska Me

6:11 PM             9245.8 mi          Entering Maine

6:13 PM             9246.8 mi          Entering New Brunswick

6:27 PM             9259.6 mi          Entering Quebec

7:30 PM           9303.6 mi        End of day


DAY 13

6:00 AM          9303.6 mi        Quebec to Ontario via Trans Canada Hwy

11:39 AM           9631.3 mi          Entering Ontario

7:30 PM           10031.8 mi      End of day


DAY 14

6:00 AM          10031.8 mi      Ontario to Wisconsin & Home via Trans Canada Hwy & Hwy17B, I-75, MI-28, MI-117 & US-2, M-35 & US-41

9:26 AM             0199.4 mi          Entering Michigan

1:32 PM             10427.1 mi        Entering Wisconsin

2:24 PM           10479.9 mi      Arrive Home!!!


Route summary

Total journey cost: $1,173.08

Driving distance: 10479.9 miles

Trip duration: 13 days, 8 hours, 24 minutes

Driving time: 7 days, 1 hour, 22 minutes

Crow’s flight distance between all stops: 8360.9 miles