Reaching Out to the Waiting List: BeforeCare

When people hear we have a waiting list that runs from 40 to 80 or more families each month, they’re taken aback – so many more who need help? Yes, we report the statistics because the community needs to know the extent of our homeless challenge, but it means much more to us. You see, we are the ones who put a name with a number – we know their stories, we feel their fear and we want to help.

Although it routinely takes everything we have just to care for the families in house, we do reach out to those families on our waiting list when we can – certain times of the year we have an excess of donations, like at Christmas time or after the annual “Help for the Homeless” campaign. At those times we, contact our families and share what we have to temporarily help, but it’s not enough. 

In 2010, we joined forces with ICS and the Crisis Center to stand in the gap for families in crisis. It was then that Supporting Our Families Together ( S.O.F.T.) was born.