Our overall goal at Freedom House is to help our families succeed in life. We don’t want to just meet their immediate needs, but help them overcome all that life may throw at them – so we’ll never have to see them again as “resident,” but welcome them as volunteers. Over the years, we’ve discovered that tossing families out on their own even after they graduate is not enough. 

We developed our Aftercare Program to help families maintain the healthy life skills and habits they learned during their stay at Freedom House and to aid self-sufficiency, reduce isolation and strengthen their families. In our Aftercare Program, we maintain contact much in the same way you would help a young adult transition to independence when they move out of the family home to go to college or start working full time. 

While at Freedom House, resident families have structure, love and support. These needs don’t end when they proudly walk out of our doors to manage life on their own.