Sarah York

Childcare Administrator

Sarah York, Childcare Administrator, came to Freedom House in 2013 with an associate degree in elementary education, a bachelor’s degree in human services and management, and over 11 years experience in child care.

A Green Bay native, Sarah learned early on about the importance of parenting and the many struggles that come with it after becoming a mother at the tender age of 17. Now married and a mother of four, she’s chosen to take her knowledge and experience and give back to the community that was so helpful during her own struggles, saying her experience and compassion for children led her to Freedom House’s Christian Child Care.

“I received so much from the community during my time of need and I wanted to do the same,” she explained. “That’s what propelled me to continue schooling and complete my Bachelor’s Degree. What was most important was showing my children no matter what decisions I made in life, I had the power to turn it around and be successful.” That’s a philosophy Sarah brings to Freedom House where she serves as a role model for struggling parents as well as administrator of the childcare facility.

Sarah understands, perhaps more than most, that not all families who enter Freedom House are aware of the resources available to them or the needs their children have that can make such a huge difference in their futures. The holistic approach taken by staff ensures kids reach all important milestones needed for development. It’s her passion to ensure that happens, even after families “graduate” and leave Freedom House.

“Working with the children and families of Freedom House Christian Child Care is such a rewarding position,” Sarah continued. “I want to provide the most safe, loving, and fun environment for each child who enters our doors. Our children are our future. I want to see each child be their most successful in every way. To be a part of their success is right where I belong.”

We couldn’t agree more, welcome aboard Sarah!