House Supervisors

Freedom House is staffed 24/7 to ensure that our residents have the assistance, care and attention they need. This requires a commitment on the part of our House Supervisors, a compassionate group of individuals who trade off shifts to make sure everyone’s needs and desires are met. As house supervisors, they are responsible for overseeing everything that goes on in the House during their shifts, including all the families who live here. Whenever there is a need, whatever it may be, it is the responsibility of the house supervisors to see families get it or are directed to where they can get it themselves. They make sure residents get to their appointments and classes on time, ensure that children are cared for, and see that parents are involved and interacting – far beyond the simple basics of food, shelter and clothing – anything from physical needs to a listening ear, to making sure all residents are abiding by House rules. This may sound relatively simple, but it’s perhaps the most complex and emotionally challenging of all Freedom House’s staff positions. While our house supervisors have come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, they all come with a heart wide open to love and encourage our residents.