1. What is the mission of Freedom House?

Our mission statement is to teach families the skills and connect them to the resources needed to become self-sufficient members of our community and maintain self-sufficiency.

  1. What is The Bridge?

The Bridge is our rent-based transitional living program that serves homeless families with children who are unable to move into permanent housing from a shelter or other community program. There are eight fully furnished apartments available to provide a safe and encouraging environment during a family's transition. Please see Our Programs for more information!

  1. Can I have a tour of Freedom House or The Bridge?

We’d love to have you come for a tour of either of our facilities. We only ask that you schedule it ahead of time. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator to set a tour time! (920) 432 4646 x1113

  1. How is Freedom House funded?

We receive donations from faithful individuals, churches, businesses and foundations that support our work. Only a small portion of our funding comes from the federal government as administered through the State of Wisconsin. For more details please see the Our Funding page.

  1. Do you have any special fundraising events?

Yes! And we’d love to have you there! Please see Special Events for more information about attending or sponsoring our events. If you would like to raise funds for Freedom House by holding an event, please contact us at (920) 432 4646 

  1. How can I help?

Thank you for your desire to serve our families! There are quite a few ways that you can help. Visit our Volunteer page to see a list of volunteer roles and submit your application! Take a look at our Donate page to see ways that you can help our organization with material goods or finances. We also love creativity, so if you’d be interested in attending one of our Special Events or maybe even holding an event to raise donations, feels free to contact us! 

  1. Can I donate a meal?

Yes please! We are so thankful for the many volunteers that serve home-cooked meals at the shelter. The first step is to register with our Volunteer Coordinator. Single volunteers, families, church groups, etc - all are welcome! Once you’ve registered, you’ll be invited to sign up on our meal calendar! Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at (920) 432 4646 x1113

  1. Can my child volunteer with me?

Yes! Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult. We do ask that you use discretion with younger children. We encourage families to serve together but if your little one will hinder your ability to perform the tasks at hand, we ask that you take that into consideration.

  1. Do you have an open positions for employment at Freedom House?

Please see our Employment page to view any open positions.

  1. How does someone get on the waiting list to live at Freedom House?

The first step to getting on our waiting list is to contact us - please call (920) 432-4646 and press 1 to speak to the front desk.

  1. Do I need a background check?

We do require background checks for volunteers and families seeking shelter. Feel free to call our Volunteer Coordinator (920) 432 4646 x1113 or front desk (920) 432 4646 (press 1)  with questions regarding our restrictions.

  1. Does Freedom House accept _______ for donations?

We accept most gently used and new donations! We accept things like clothing, food, toys… etc. We do keep a Monthly Needs List which outlines our most needed items. There are a few things that we do not accept: Tube/Projection TVs, Sleeper Sofas and King-Sized beds. We also ask that you call before bringing donations as we may not need specific items at a given time. 

  1. What are the most needed items at Freedom House right now?

Thank you so much for your desire to meet our needs. Please see our Monthly Needs List or call (920) 432 4646!

  1. Can I drop my donations off at Freedom House?

Yes! It is helpful to call ahead and let the House Supervisor know that you’ll be coming (920) 432 4646 (press 1 to speak to the Front Desk). We ask that you only drop donations off between 8am-9pm Monday through Saturday or after 4pm on Sundays (unless special arrangements have been made.)

  1. Do you pick up donations?

We do! Donation pick-ups must be approved by our Facilities Coordinator. To submit your request, please call our front desk (920) 432-4646 (press 1)

  1. Do you have specific needs for holidays?

Yes! Holidays are busy times and we rely on volunteers to help make holidays special for our families. Common needs are: meal donations, family events and holiday specific donations (Christmas trees, adopt-a-family, Easter baskets...etc) Please see our Holiday Page for more details.