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Kevin & Ben prepare for the trip

Four corners challenge 2013

OK, so we have a little obsession with motorcycles and long distance runs. And yes, a little competitive spirit. So how do you combine those traits for the greater good? You take on a grueling challenge and raise funds for homeless families with children!

Welcome to the Four Corners for Freedom House  motorcycle run. Over the course of this 10,000 mile, 14 day adventure, we’re hoping to earn literally thousands of dollars to help the multitude of homeless families with children in Brown County, Wisconsin as we cross this great nation we call home and hit its four farthest corners — Blaine, WA, San Ysidro, CA, Key West, FL & Madawaska, ME .

You can be a part of this adventure by supporting the ride  — suggestion is one cent per mile — ONE PENNY, but any amount is welcome. (link to donate now)

Click on the links below to follow our route and check back often to get our thoughts from the road. Be sure to join in the fun to help Freedom House help homeless families with children get back on their feet. We suggest one cent per mile,,. but any amount will do!


Kevin Platkowski,



Ben Buehler,



Freedom House Ministries


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The Four Corners Challenge is sponsored by the Southern California Motorcycle Association. Click here for more details about the race

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