“Homelessness can be the start of a new chapter in a family’s life instead of the continuation of a bleak cycle of poverty. As a community, we should never give up on those that are struggling. A hand up may be all that a family needs to start over and become ‘givers’ rather than ‘takers’.”

–Robyn Davis, Freedom House President

“We’re so glad you’re here!”



That’s the first line we share with people when they call or stop by Freedom House.

Chances are someone in your neighborhood or circle of friends is one of the multitudes living paycheck to paycheck, unable to overcome any unexpected turn of events – or maybe it’s you. Freedom House is here to help. We’re the only shelter in Brown County providing assistance to all types of homeless families with children – single Moms, single Dads or couples, no matter how many kids they have or how old they are. WAY more than “3 hots and a cot,” we change lives – and 92% of the people who come through our doors never return to homelessness.

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